About You

Please take a moment to review the following basic questions to help us create and hone your search. This will keep us focused and on-track to meet your goals and deadline in a timely manner.

Do you prefer to be a customer or an exclusive client of ours? A client has a signed buyer’s representation agreement with us. When we commit to working with you, we ask that you commit to working exclusively with us. We take our role extremely seriously in counseling you through the purchase and sale of your biggest asset. Once on-board, we will provide you with our full attention and superior client service to represent you to the standard of care that you deserve. You will be positioned top-of-mind while Isabelle is previewing property, so that she is always considering your needs and desires.

W H O  will be living in your new home, besides you?

  • Will anyone else be helping you to make the buying decision?
  • Do you have children?  If so, ages?
  • Pets?  Do you require a yard?
  • Where are you employed? Will you, or others, be concerned with a commute for work? How long is too long?
  • How many parking spaces are needed for your vehicles?

W H A T  are you looking for in your new home?

  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, approximate square footage, etc.?
  • Price range?  What is your current monthly payment?  Rent or own?
  • Stairs or one-level?  Are there any access issues to be addressed?
  • Walking distance to the center of town?  Privacy and seclusion?
  • Do you desire a yard/garden/flat lawn? Perched on a mountainside?
  • What are Top 5 “must have” features required in your new home?
  • What furniture, hobbies, leisure activities would you like to accomodate in your new home?

W H Y  are you moving?

W H E N  do you want to move?

  • Is there a time deadline?
  • What is your Plan B, where will you go, if you find something earlier or later than that timeframe?
  • Must you sell before you buy?
  • Do you need to complete a lease, if renting, before you buy?
  • What issues need resolution prior to the purchase?
  • What times are best for you to view properties?

W H E R E  is your ideal place to live?

  • Town and neighborhoods?
  • Choice 1 and 2?
  • Why is this your preferred area?

H O W  will you be purchasing this home with cash or a mortgage? Once you have been pre-approved by a lender, you will know your purchasing power, i.e., the amount of loan for which you qualify and your price range.

  • Where are you in the financing process? Have you spoken with a lender yet or do you need a lender recommendation?
  • If we find the right property next week, are you prepared to make an offer? Do you have a pre-approval letter from your lender or a proof of funds letter from the bank in-hand?
  • After you have become qualified for financing, how soon will you be ready to start previewing property?
  • Do you prefer to communicate by email, text, phone or fax?
  • What is the best telephone number for you and time to call? Best email address?
  • Have you purchased a home before? When and where?

Lastly, it is important to realize that the buyer’s agent is paid by the seller of the home the buyer chooses. The commission was previously negotiated between the seller and his or her listing agent at the time the listing agreement between them was executed. The listing agent is obliged to share that commission with the agent representing the buyer.